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Jewlery Repair & Redesign. Interior Design. Wardrobe Consulting & Personal Styling.

To Hell in a Handbag is the place where dreams come to become reality, where walls go from blank to brillant and where jewelry gets a revival. Have a custom idea you want created? Bring it in--- You'd be amazed by what we can do.  

Jewelry Repair & Redesign.
Best Prices around!
*Costume Jewelry



*New Clasps




*Replacement Stones




*Custom Design 




*Custom Repairs


Interior Design:​
*Paint Theory Specalist  *Closet Organization * Feng Shui *Small Space Specialist *Renters- No problem!

We start with a design consultation at your home ($35 an hour) and we custom design a purposal based on your need, budget and lifestyle. 


We also offer :


Closet Organization:

Feel like you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?
Take forever to get dressed?
Feel like you have no space?
We can fix that. 


Paint Specialist:

Before you invest in paint consult a specialist who can help you accomplish the feeling and tone of the room. Did you know paint can stimulate appetite, set the mood and even increase productiity? That is if it's the right color for the right space. 

Editorial & Personal Styling​ , Wardrobe Consulting.
www.ANCSTYLES.com - Our Sister Company for Styling

*Magazine Spreads






*Company Portfolios and Headshots




Personal Styling:
*Trip Packing

*Finding  the perfect Jeans

*Planning your work wardrobe- dressing for the job you want, this consists of planning your work attire to match your level of professionalism and helping you look classy and powerful. 

*Personal Shopping, we can take you shopping or plan a wardrobe for you and bring item to your home or work for approval.


Wardrobe Consulting:

Ever feel like you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?

As a stylist  I learn about your life style and compile a wardrobe pie chart, organize your closet to match your life style, and help you buy clothes that make you look and feel your best. 


Custom Pricing & Packages, inlcuding but not limited to:

*Wardrobe consulting:Going through your exhisting wardrobe getting ride of the don'ts; fixing and repairing, tailoring, refreshing.


*Closet Organizing:
This organizes your closet to match your wardrobe pie chart and make it easy and quick to find the perfect outfit for work, date night or workout. This can be as smiple as reworkign a closet or as involved as rebuilding and designign a new one.